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Living Provenance©

Bridging gaps between finance and the supply chain

What is Provenance?

Provenance [prov-en-anss] noun.
The origin of things. Information about entities, activities and people involved in producing a piece of data or ‘thing’...

Information transcends borders

Information is not provenance

Blockchain is not provenance

Prototyped Applications

Provenance recorded by SilubiTM can be applied in a huge range of industries and settings. In our prototypes we have applied provenance to:

Environmental, Social & Governance
We identify gaps in ESG compliance

Compliance & RegTech
We aim to reduce spend on RegTech

Accountancy & Audit
We help to allocate costs directly

Islamic Finance
Designed to assist in maintaining systems for Shariah Compliance

Not all provenance is created equal

The information held in a photograph is different to the information held in a text document. This is very different again to information you find in databases or websites or audio files.

Structured: Databases, Graph Data, Spreadsheets, Formatted Info, Statistics, Barcodes, Ledgers

Unstructured: Blogs, Video, Images, News Reports, Social Media, Data Mining, Websites

Our Provenance

Leading experts in Provenance

We are a science and technology company driven by research and discovery, led by a team of visionary financial experts.

We collaborate with leading universities and experts in advanced research in provenance, humanities and digital currencies. We are proud to count the following amongst our advisors:
Photo of Keith Bear
Keith Bear
Former Vice President Head of IBM FinTech Blockchain. Fellow of Judge Business School in Institute of Alternative Finance, University Cambridge.
Photo of Luc Moreau
Luc Moreau
Head & Professor of Informatics, King's College London. Co-chair W3C Prov. World leading authority on structured provenance
Photo of Patrick Humphreys
Patrick Humphreys
Emeritus Professor of Organization and Social Psychology, London School of Economics.​ World leading authority on Social Psychology, Information Systems and Living Provenance©.