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Uniquely powerful

SilubiTM is a unique digital payment unit which records its own transaction history as it is being used.

A unique digital payment unit

SilubiTM is a new specie of digital asset

& Regulated


Transparent is interoperable with existing transaction and settlement platforms.

Users can include governments, donor groups, emergency relief agencies, economic development projects, and project finance providers for major infrastructure projects and foreign direct investments.


Advanced visualisation techniques

Identify unknown problems and address them in real time

Designed to work with you

Our micro service architecture supports multiple functions and features and offers huge scope for expansion to ensure interoperability with your existing or legacy systems.

SilubiTM is designed to interoperate with Central Banks

SilubiTM is linked to validated, non-speculative provenance rather than to Fiat, a specific asset or a basket of such assets‚Äč

SilubiTM is fully exchangeable with traditional FIAT or new generation central bank digital currencies

Wallet compatible with familiar denominations

Full documentation and certification support permits provable authenticity‚Äč of goods

Decision support for forex & synchronisation to money flows from acceptable financial instruments